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Upgrading your car



Change to bigger turbo

The original Mira used   IHI turbo,ex. L200s >RHB 31

Dont use an oversize turbo - u get TURBO LAG

Recommend turbo - IHI RHF 4, RHB4, TD02S,TD04 or IHI RHB 32.



Increase boost pressure

The less pressure hit the actuator of the turbo,the higher u get the boost = the faster u car go,

but make sure the fuel is enough!!!

How to do it?

-buy a boost controller from the performances shop

-2 kind of boost controller - electronic and manual

-make a boost controller yourself.


-Look in Tech tip page


Cooling down

If u use a big turbo it is recommend to change the radiator and intercooler .

The cooler the air went through the throttle body the more your engine generate the power.why?

Cooler air more condense than hot air,that why some of the dragstrip car put ice cube at the front of their intercooler before making a run,some spray NITROGEN to the intercooler .


High cam

Theres a high cam for L200 now for sale

They claim it can increase your L200 horsepower by 10 %


Bigger injector

Extra injector

When u are dealing with high boost and big turbo,this thing is a must.

U can change to a bigger injector and use simple fuel controller or u can use an extra injector.

The one SFC that  i use/made can control the new fuel map and can put off the boost cut.

An extra injector use a controller such as A I C from HKS, REBIC V from GREDDY and theres a cheaper model sold here.

-------Extra injector controller cant put off the boost cut!


Ported Head /intake/etc.

U can increase your horsepower by porting the cyclinder head, intake and polishing it.

Please dont open the head or ported it by yourself if u dont have any exp. in this matter.

Ask your nearest workshop/ mechanic about this.



Tech tip