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Name: Eddie Hasrine(8515-forum kancil)(DAB 8515-forum kancil baru)

Vehicle: Perodua Kancil,Facelift to Mira AvanzatoRX 2

Original Engine: 660 cc 3 Cyclinder SingleCam 6 Valve

Engine Conversion:   660 cc 4 Cyclinder TwinCam 16 Valve Intercooler Turbo ( JB-JL )

                                HKS Air Filter

                                Upgraded Turbo

                                Large squirting injectors

                                2" exhaust pipe

                                Aluminized silencer/muffler

                                Coming soon-PAL cpu and race injectorsssss

Exterior front: Bumper Avanzato RX 2

                      Bonet Avanzato RX2

                      Headlight L500 series

Exterior side: L 200 skirting

Exterior Behind: L 200 bonet

                          L 500 series bumper

Interior: L 500 series dashboard

             Blitz driver seat

            Levoc Turbo Timer

            Greddy Boost Meter

            D I Y Simple Fuel Controller

            Greddy Manual Boost Controller

            D I Y Boost Trigger

            Techtom Intelligent Ignition Controller

            Sony player and CD changer

            Raid Steering Wheel

Rim: 13" ensure with 175/50 Fulda Carat Assuro            

Colour: Spruce Green Pearl

Comment: I built this page is not to be famous or saying my car is fast, the main reason is paying tribute to this faboulus mini freak( Mira ) and to meet new friends with the same interest. After reading some of the stupid comment, i realize that theres still people in our country cant accepted what other people tought. Maybe their brain is still under "tempurung".YES i can accept some of the critic but not the stupid one. Grow up to those that wrote @$@%#@#@%!&^*% comment.



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