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Oil Pressure Meter

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1. Warning set, most suitable max. low pressure make set.

2. Indicate peak hold in running.

Standard driving response smoothly.

Warning in operation, OIL pressure be come down, dangerous.


1) If meter hood and inclination ring are necessary, install to meter before meter install.
2) Install meter panel at the place where don't disturb driving.
3) Dig hole or use partition board of engine room 10 mm more.  
To avoid wire cutting, use rubber busch.  
Pull in wire harness OC meter side connector (small) to driver side.
4) Engine side: After wind fluorine tape on connect nipple screw, install to engine block.(torqre is 30-50 
*If use optional T joint P-60 or P-61, waning light possible to use (Figure A).
5) Decide position to install pressure sensor, take care to extend straight not bending.
6) Fix sensor adopt board with tapping nuts 2 places.
7) Fix pressure sensor to sensor adopt board with nuts 3 places.
8) Connect Teflon mess hose and pressure hose, from sensor side 17mm, hose side 12 mm, cramp with wrench and tighten hose side nut (torque is
9) Connect teflon mess hose to engine side connect nipple, tighten nut by cramping 12 mm wrench (torque is
10) Meter side: Refer Figure and connect meter, meter sensor and harness.
11) Connect Harness OA red cord to ignition 12V, black cord to earth, white cord to small light circuit by electro tap etc. two black cords can connect any cord. 
Brown and another black cord bind with insulation tape, to prevent short circuit. 
12) Bind cords with tie lap etc.
After finished, check oil leak from connection, from pressure sensor to engine side. 


Due to rotation engine, oil pressure become up, is normal.  
*Generally, clean oil are reasonably filled, indicate 1.0-5kgf/cm in driving.
Remember usual oil pressure, oil pressure different from cars, oil and tuning.
When oil pressure become down than normal in driving, speed down and check needle (when down, some cases down suddenly) and continue to down, stop engine and check oil qty and leak.
At high speed, when oil pressure become down suddenly, facing engine break, stop engine soon.
Oil pressure down caused by lack of oil, low viscosity due to overheat, no smooth moving oil pump and oil filter choked etc. 
*On the contrary, if oil pressure too high caused by by pass circuit damage (such as no operating relief valve etc.)