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1) Getting an extra 35 percent more power will not be too hard, but it won`t be cheap either. You`ll need to strengthen some key components - most importantly the head gasket and head bolts. And then install the performance goodies - including an uprated intercooler, a boost controller and some fast road cams.

2) If you ever see a turbo-charged car pulled up on the side of the road, you can put your money on its head gasket being blown. Replacing the standard composite gasket with a steel version will prevent your car from blowing its top on a regular basis.
Whilst the head gasket is being replaced you may want to consider up-rating the head bolts as well.

3)Next up, you`ll want to locate an uprated intercooler. These work in a similar way to a car`s radiator - except they cool the temperature of the intake charge. Not only will this cooler air-charge help prevent detonation, piston meltdown and other nasties, it also enables more fuel to be pumped in thanks to the air-charge being more dense.

4)You`ll also want to increase the boost - this will gain you an instant rise in power and torque. Just how much boost you can run will be dependent on your engine`s compression ratio and general state of wear. Your tuner will be able to advise on how far you can push your standard set-up, and also advise on the work required if further boost is craved. But be aware that reducing compression can be an expensive business - a set of low-compression forged pistons will set you back well over RM 1000.00
Upping the boost can be done by having the car chipped, by having the ECU re-programmed, or by fitting an electronic variable boost control unit.
Fitting a chip will offer a fixed rate of increased boost - and ensure fuelling and timing are altered to cope.
Having your ECU programmed is a good idea for anyone who has made loads of modifications. But it can be time consuming and costly to get the mapping right throughout the rev range.

5)Variable boost controllers give the owner the ability to continually alter boost levels for extra or less power.

6)Fitting a set of high-lift cams will show gains in both mid-range and peak-power. If you go for a set of well developed cams, the exhaust valves will be opened up early - helping to spin the turbo up quickly, reducing the lag often experienced with turbochargers. That said, a set of badly designed cams will completely ruin your car`s overall performance - so tread carefully and don`t go too extreme.

i) Head Gaskets - L200 rm? for metal head gaskets/ L500 use original metal head gaskets
Getting a metal head gasket fitted may seem like an expensive job, but it will save you plenty of cash in the long run. Whilst the new gasket is being fitted, you may also want to uprate the head bolts to a set more capable of handling higher boost levels.

ii)Intercoolers - Buy from dismantle shop/kedai potong RM 80.00 - RM 250.00
One of the best components to consider when addressing engine durability and power out-put is an intercooler. Not only will a well designed intercooler protect your engine from numerous foes, it will also help generate extra power.
exp.intercooler for Mira = Nissan March,Mazda B8,Nissan CA 18 and many more.Dont use TOO LARGE INTERCOOLER!!!!!

iii)Boost Controllers -  RM 2.00 - RM 2000.00
There are some forms of mechanical boost controller, but for the ultimate set-up, a combination of having the ECU re-programmed and having a variable boost controller fitted can`t be beaten. You will be able to adjust the levels of extra power to your needs. Look out for systems that offer a 15 second `over-take` boost at the touch of a button - a great safety feature.

iv)Camshafts - RM 800.00 - RM 1800.00
You want cams which have been designed, developed and manufactured by a specialist tuning company or cam manufacturer. Preferably a company well known for their tuning abilities on a specific engine - your engine.
Ask around before you buy. Speak to tuners, clubs and specialist magazines. Take note of their knowledge and you won`t be disappointed.